Super Natural

When something transcends the laws of nature, we deem it unnatural. When we apply this logic to foods with unusually high antioxidant and/or vitamin contents, they’re called SUPERFOODS. Common types include fruits, grains, and vegetables. If we dig deeper, there's OIL!  Coconut oil is derived from the kernel, or copra, of a matured coconut and has a shelf life of about two years. Can you imagine all the things you could do with a two year supply of coconut oil? If you can’t, allow me to elaborate.

Popular uses for coconut oil are on skin, hair, and food. This superfood supplies so much moisture to your skin, hair, and nails that it must be used sparingly. The amount of moisture your skin and hair can hold will also increase so you DO NOT want to clog up your pores with this stuff; apply it like you would your favorite perfume or cologne. The oil’s natural properties also help to reduce symptoms of eczema in young children while acting as a light sunscreen. (

 When it comes to cooking, do yourself a slight favor and sauté and stir-fry vegetables, fish, eggs, and meat with coconut oil. It’s also a BUTTER replacement on popcorn. Just as you would apply sunscreen before cooking yourself in the sun, consider coating poultry/meat with coconut oil before seasoning, then bake the bird. After dinner, add the unused oil to smoothies and shakes, coffee or tea. If you cashed out on the family pack of coconut oil, store the rest on the shelf in a cool, dry place.


Saturated fats get a bad name, but we’re about to make it all GOOD since coconut oil is high in HEALTHY saturated fats that boost fat-burning, provide energy, and reduce your heart rate by raising HDL cholesterol (that’s the good kind.) ( 50% of pure coconut oil is comprised of lauric acid which when digested is  called monolaurin. This main ingredient kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. We can also thank ketones for the appetite-reducing effect. According to the WebMD, ketones are made in the liver when your body does not turn insulin to sugar thus requiring said body to use stored fat as energy. People with diabetes can build up too many ketones making it life-threatening.

On another note, says two tablespoons per day has been shown to slim waists by 1.1 inches in a month without excessive exercise or dumb diets. When you try this at home, start slow with one per day then gradually increase in a two-week span.

 Now that you’ve gotten a healthy helping of coconut oil research, here are some stores to shop: Walgreens, Sephora, Bath and Body Works, and of course Walmart.

Look for labels claiming to be ‘unrefined, extra-virgin, or cold-pressed.’ DO NOT buy deodorized. Online shopping is way easier so also check out these sites: ($8.99),$8.99),$9.99),$10.99), and ($12.95).   

Asia Smith