#WomenWhoRock: Meet Evelyn Leigh, The Founder of Get Leighed Cosmetics

In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, we have been highlighting women from the past and present who rock. One of the amazing perks of being a woman is the ability to express yourself through clothing and makeup. For many women, it’s also a way of being creative. Whether you randomly chop off all your hair, put on a little extra glitter on to brighten up your day or wear that freakum dress that makes you feel sexy. It’s all a form of self expression.

For our latest interview, we’re highlighting the owner and creatHER of Get Leighed Cosmetics. This brand is an inclusive cosmetics brand created by Kayla Hefele, better known as Evelyn Leigh. Inspired by her alter ego and love for all things beauty, 'Get Leighed Cosmetics' is designed for everyone, whether you're looking to get in touch with your inner sexy or even if you're looking to unwind.

During our chat, she discussed how she practices self-confidence, the process of creating GLC and more. Read the full interview below:

In your own words, what would you describe your brand as and how did you get started? 

GLC is a brand dedicated to self care, which is why all our products contain healthy ingredients that are good for your skin. We pride ourselves on being a vegan and cruelty free brand providing products for you to treat yourself with that are actually beneficial for you!

2. Prior to creating a cosmetics line, what were you doing before?

Prior to GLC, I pursued my music career & worked as a freelance MUA while also working as a Wellness Coordinator for my day job. I worked around massage therapists and learned a lot about self care & essential oils that were good for your body. After losing my job there suddenly, I decided to take everything I’d learned there & prior to start my own business helping others.

3. As a new entrepreneur, how did you fund your vision?

I had a pretty decent last check with that job & I used it to research & fund a “trial run” for GLC. I’d say I started GLC with $60 or so. I ordered business cards, designed labels, bought a domain,  a hosting site, containers, ingredients & made 12 body butters to start. I told myself if I could sell them all, I’d really pursue this. I sold all 12 in a week, so there was my answer. I then took what I had to officially launch GLC.

4. For inspiring entrepreneurs, what is the biggest piece of advice you’d give them? 

“Don’t listen to what anyone has to say about your dreams.” I promise, once I muted those comments & got out of my own way, the possibilities were endless. We often tend to let others opinions weigh on us enough that we eventually start to believe those opinions over our own. You gotta be willing to push past it all & speak everything you want over yourself. that’s the only way. 

5. What void do you feel you’re fulfilling in the beauty industry?

I am providing a brand that highlights talent of all kinds, uses healthy ingredients, offers products that target many skin conditions, which gives my supporters more confidence in themselves. GLC is the brand I always dreamed of creating.

6. How has social media impacted the growth of your brand? 

Social Media has impacted my brand greatly. It has given my brand access to people all over the world that have been able to experience my products. I definitely credit our success in such a short time being open to social media. 

7. What make-up product do you think is the most underrated and why?

Refreshing spray. You can use it prime your face, dampen your makeup sponge, and intensify eye shadow/pigments/highlighter. You can spritz it in between layers of primer, foundation, concealer, and contour to better blend everything out & prevent dryness. Applying refreshing spray regularly throughout your makeup application routine will change your final look drastically! Your skin will look it’s best! Trust me! 

8. What’s the secret to self-confidence?

Whew. The secret to self confidence is an answer I’m still searching for, honestly. I will say that it certainly helps to celebrate yourself daily. Celebrate every accomplishment. Even the small wins because they do matter. Every night I recite 5 things I accomplished that day, 5 things that made me smile & 5 things I did for myself. It helps a great deal because I’m often hard on myself & it’s a constant reminder that I’m doing my best. You gotta build yourself up. That’s a secret for sure. 

9 What is 3 makeup must haves for the average girl on the block? 

• lip gloss

• brow pencil

• mascara

10. What’s next for the Get Leighed Cosmetics Line? 

I’m looking to expand my makeup & skincare line. I want to provide more for various skin types & target even more skin concerns. Also, worldwide shipping is pretty new for us still & I’d love for my brand to explore even more parts of this world.