Meet Ebbi Nicole, The Founder of Fluffy GRL Movement

For centuries, we’ve been trained to believe that a perfect woman is a size 2 when in reality, average women in America wears a size 16-18. 

Midwest native Ebbi Nicole, says to hell with society and is all about empowering the fluff. As the creator of the Fluffy GRL movement, her mission is to challenge the status quo and publicize narratives of curvy women as bold, successful and empowered beings. 

We recently had a chance to chat with her to discuss the challenges of being a fluffy grl, her brand expansion and more. Check out the full interview below: 


What makes you/your brand RARE? 

Fluffy GRL Movement is RARE because we focus on elevating the plus narrative as told by the women who live it each day. Our platform and much of the work we do is NOT fashion centered and that is something that you seldom see in the plus community. We pride ourselves on showcasing that living as a Fluffy GRL is a lifestyle and a whole VIBE. That includes placing emphasis on life outside of pretty clothes and smiling IG pictures. We have been around for 8 years and we still aren’t afraid to ask our audience for feedback about what resonates with them and what doesn’t. We don’t claim to have all the answers or to be the Fat Girl Almanac and THAT kind of transparency IS RARE!

As for me, Ebbi Nicole, well hunny I’m RARE because my GRIND is sickening! I don’t always know all the things but I work my tale off to find of who and what does. I’m always the person that either is the plug, knows the plug or knows how to get to a plug. Work ethic stays on SLAY MODE.


  What do you think is the biggest misconception other’smay have about the Fluffy GRL Movement or Fluffy GRL’s in general? 

The biggest misconception about Fluffy GRL, is that our services are fashion centered and/or that the brand is a clothing line. Most of those assumptions have been tied to the fact we offer style consulting services and that I am stylish person myself! Sorry ladies! No fashion line here. Not yet anyway! 

Fat women of color started the body positive movement. Fortunately/ UNFORTUNATELY, it started off being about liberation in fashion. There is so much more to the movement but you know the old saying, “When you look good. You feel good.” I think that the industry has allowed that to drive the work so it also drives the support in that direction too. It’s a misconception that our body positivity STOPS with colorful crop tops and biker shorts that show our fupas. I mean, while saying EFF the standards in daring ways is awesome, the industry has an underlying purpose to normalize fatness in society PERIOD.

 What’s your ultimate goal/mission for the Fluffy GRL Movement? 

Our ultimate goal for Fluffy GRL Movement is for women to see and hear themselves reflected through the community that we have built. We aim to elevate, celebrate and proudly illustrate what it means to be a fluffy woman in today’s world. We reclaim OUR time and tell OUR stories OUR way. We correct the narrative being told in the media according to how we live it in real life and yep, we look DAMN good doing it. 

  What can attendees expect at the Curves N’ Waves Pool Party? 

59893281_2195848407135798_3795195113206972416_n (1).jpg

Our Fluffy GRL fam has grown to include the love and support for women of all shapes, sizes and shades, so guests can expect a WHOLE LOTTA body diversity and A WHOLE LOTTA SKIN! Guests are in for aTREAT! Besides body love galore, we will be hosting an epic hula-hoop contest, feature a few amazing product giveaways from our sponsors, we’ll have GRL Power vibes on deck by Makeda Kravitz, a VIF section to drool over for our fluffs who choose to elevate their experience and two 50 foot twin slide boards for our daring divas to make SPLASH at the party. If that isn’t enough, each lady will receive beverages courtesy of 1220 Spirits, leave with a special gift from Fluffy GRL and a little some extra to enhance their evening from a few of our sponsors. It’s so much cool stuff in store. All I can say is, grab your tickets ladies! This party will be the one that you knew you needed but didn’t know could be pulled off here in the Midwest!

Tickets on sale at

 What has been your biggest challenge as a Fluffy GRL? 

My biggest challenge as a Fluffy GRL has always been getting people to understand that you have THE RIGHT and you owe it to show yourself kindness at ANY size! At the end of the day it’s NOT about the number on the scale sis. It’s about how you FEEL mentally, physically and emotionally. Society has done a fantastic job of conditioning us to believe that health and weight are identical. THEY ARE NOT. You can be fat and fit OR you can be thin and struggling to walk up the stairs. Each person’s journey is theirs and your weight does not determine your health. 

It seems like such an easy idea to understand BUT it’s been something that I’ve struggled to articulate since I started Fluff. My weight has been up and up some more over the past few years yet I refused to throw my self esteem away and stop advocating for myself due to societal norms constantly devaluing fat bodies. Instead I took the time to unpack MY WHY. WHY the weight gain? WHY the food addiction? WHY the triggers? WHY me in this moment and in this body? That was an internal struggle that I had for a long time and it just so happens that MY weight gain had LAYERS. I pulled them back one by one on my own terms.

 You’re a very stylish person. What advice do you have for someone who wants to step outside of their comfort zone with clothing? 

Ah. The style question. I knew it was coming! Lol My advice for a person who wants to try something outside of their comfort zone is to search figures that have done it before. Trust me sis, you are NOT the first size 26 that wanted to rock a 2 piece or the first 6 foot woman who wants to rock platforms to the club and you won’t be the last. Fluffy GRLs have been pretty LOUD with their fashion choices over the past 5 years. There is no shame in having fashion INSPO. You need to find yours. Sometimes that helps ease the “what will this look like on me?” anxiety.


 How did becoming an ally for other Fluffy GRL’s help you with your own self-confidence? 

Ally? I am FLUFFY so hell, I am definitely a member of the community! lol However, I will say that becoming an advocate for Fluffy GRLs boosted my self-esteemtremendously. I got a chance to see the power of speaking UP and OUT about things that you are passionate about. I saw the twinkle in the GRL’s eyes on campus when I explained Fluff and I also witnessed how they leaped into action to bring our events to life because they felt a sense of belonging. I saw myself in them. As they spread the word about the work we were doing, it gave me motivation to keep going and to expand the brand. To this day, I am my toughest critic and I never truly feel like I am doing enough but testimonials from the community assure me that I am fulfilling a need.


Heels or Flats? 


Lipstick or Lipgloss? 


Bold Color Print or Black? 


Leggings or Jeans? 


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