All I Need to Get By

7 Self-Care & Self-Love Suggestions on a Sunday !


Love is a feeling, care is the action.

Know the difference!

  1. Clean mirrors, windows, screens ( phone, computer, tv), lens ( contact, glasses/shades, camera)

    • "Make sure you’re as beautiful in the heart as you are in the mirror.” -Keri Hilson. Don’t allow your vision of the world be blurred; view yourself as you view others. You are a reflection of our society.

  2. Wipe off ceiling fans and air vents ( house, car )

    • Why let BS circulate ? Clear the air not only in conversation but also in your environment. Air pollution is a bad solution.

  3. Delete or open old/unread/junk emails and letters.

    • Clutter sucks whether virtually or physically. It welcomes disorganization in all aspects of everyday life. Let the flow go; unclog those drains so the blessings can come in expeditiously.

  4. Watch the news

    • All you gotta do is click channel 2. Educate/inform yourself of current events, topics, discussions. Expound on what you learn thus educating/informing others.

  5. Wear clean socks, organize sock drawer

    • Your feet literally take you places you want to go with the people you want to see so don’t neglect them. Mobility is a privilege not all possess. Take pride in your stride. Be proud of what you put on the ground.

  6. Discard old condiment packets, try to limit use.

    • Health is wealth and its the little things that count. If you’re not going to use them, don’t choose them. Be stingy with what you put into your body just how McDonald’s is with the sauce.

  7. Stretch it out

    • Instead of flexing in the club, you need to be flexing those limbs and ligaments. Don’t be stiff, get a grip but don’t let it rip. Know your limits. Be limber so life can be simpler.