Finding Me

Maybe you don't really have a clue to what love is.

One day your out the next day your in

It's a revolving door, all those "I'm trying my best right now"

"I know I've failed you as a man but I promise you I'll do better"

Doesn't it get a bit repetitive to you?

Communication is key and I'm stuck in between a rock in a hard place trying to find a solid place for you and me

It's a lot of weight on my shoulders trying to decide whether to fight or to leave

Every time I think about walking away I hear your silent cries telling me you need me

I'm trying to carry your burdens plus mine while still working on my mind.... Damn I forgot I still can't keep you off my mind

You can't start a conversation about what's been racking your brain, you must think that I'm insane because I keep trying to put the pieces together and you won't even text me so we can link up together.

But still I'm laying it all out on the line, it’s crazy how you could drop me within a drop of a dime.

Message: This  poem speaks volumes to those who have given their all just to be disappointed by their significant other. It's ok to fall in love and walk away with bruises from a broken heart because their promises didn't match up with their actions. This poem reminds others of their past experiences and with all that being said it leads them to brighter days, a better outlook on what they will accept, how they should be treated, and how valuable their love to themselves is. No matter how much love you give to someone else always remember to give 10x more to yourself.