Millennials Are the New Entrepreneur

As I scroll down my social media timelines, all I see are my peers promoting their brand or business. Some of them are coincidentally college graduates that aren’t “entrepreneuring” what their degree is in.

Being a millennial, in school, we are taught to work for other people and not for ourselves. Some of us are just now figuring this out (like myself) and are taking matters into our own hands. Millennials are getting really creative and are starting to their business as a simple “It Works” rep to making Sunday dinner plates to catering events, to becoming an event planner, to becoming bloggers (wink wink), and etc. The creativity is real and impressive. Nowadays, millennials are more focused on making money doing what we love versus working at a company that we hate but “it pays the bills.”

Millennials are taking over the decade and possibly even the world. We aren’t like our parents or grandparents. Some of them grew content with their job and “made it work” because either A) they had to raise us millennials or B) they let couldn’t leave their job because they wouldn’t get the same pay at a new job.

Some people like consistency but others, such as millennials, we like something new ESPECIALLY if we are getting bored. Also, if see that something can be done better or something new is needed, we will take matters in our own and make that change. I’m sure some of us millennials wish we didn’t rack up money in student loans for education we could’ve received online or even taking a small business course that wouldn’t cost us over $50k.

Technology is another tool that millennials use as a way to become entrepreneurs. For instance, some talented makeup artists don’t go to school for it but instead, watch YouTube videos and practice on themselves. Another common “job” Is becoming an Influencer; they get paid through using products and posting about them on social media with their huge following and the product’s company pays them in hopes of getting more sales through the influencers following.

When I have children, I use to say that I wanted them to go to college but now, the way the business world is going, I would suggest they become their own boss. I understand that in order to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc. you must go to school but if my children decide to go for a career that doesn’t necessarily involve school, they would have my support. I think everyone should be open to this.

The most important thing about being an entrepreneur educating yourself. READ BOOK, DO RESEARCH, LOOK INTO MULTIPLE SOURCES. I am an aspiring entrepreneur and I am doing all these things. Another thing millennial are getting into is having more than on income, it sounds simple like “oh, get two jobs?” Not necessarily. Having more than one stream of income can mean investing in the stock market, have a side hustle, find a hobby that doesn’t take up a majority of your times but can also make you money.

Millennials are the future and I can’t wait to see what WE provide for the generations after us.

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