V-Day To-Do List


 Are you and bae on a budget this Valentine’s Day season? Don’t let lack of funds keep you two from fun. There are 1,000 ways to celebrate your relationship without going into debt: Here are 14: 

 Looking for something permanent and possibly painful to represent the struggle you have endured? Visit a local tattoo shop and ask for a book of $25 tattoos. Don’t be scared, go for it! Small things like a simple heart or rose can always be covered up later but this will definitely spice up the romance now.

 Too new for tattoos but still want to leave a mark? Include ice skating in your many ventures by gliding away and falling for each other like never before. Be sure to wear extra clothes: leave the mini skirts and leotards for the experts. Luckily, the St. Louis area has plenty of ice rinks thanks to the Blues.

 Not ready to tie the knot just yet? How about tie dye shirts! Why stop there? Tie dye your sheets, towels, and curtains too. Two love birds with one stone will have tons of fun getting creative and colorful all the while redecorating your domain.

 After airing out the apartment from all the fumes, pick up the phone baby. Snap up a photo shoot with fun props such as foods, balloons, or backdrops. Take the time to edit the pics and print them out at any Walgreens the same day for next to nothing.

 Ready to get out the house and show off your new tie dye shirts? Conjure up some coins and have a couples car wash. That’s right, time to finally vacuum and scrub those backseats you’ve been getting busy on for so long. You may even find some missing items that the seat swallowed months ago.

 If you are without wheels like some of us, use public transportation and hitch a ride to the humane society where you can volunteer to walk, feed and bathe some needy animals. You’ll learn a lot about your partner during this time of care and the furry friends will greatly appreciate it.

 Not into animals or working for free? Take your sweet thang to the gym and work out together. This isn’t the time to outwork your partner, instead stay on the same pace and help each other tone up those muscles. Most gyms have a court, sauna, or pool. Take advantage of these amenities to show bae you’re serious about spending solo time.

 After you’ve worked off the calories, put them right back on by seducing your sweetie with a sweet, homemade treat. That’s right! Put those kitchen skills to the test and create a unique dessert designed specifically for him or her by incorporating favorite candies and fruits.

 While the cake is baking, put together a scavenger hunt around the house. Feel free to be freaky or geeky. If you’re really clever, you’ll incorporate both to give your significant other something to brag about when asked how’d Valentines Day go.

 The cake is done, what now? A great suggestion would be to get a huge piece of construction paper, markers, crayons, glitter, and stickers for the two of you to create even more magic.

 While the art is flowing, how about playing that playlist you’ve been creating for the last few days. This will add some much needed background music and set the mood a little more. Take it a step further and give bae a mini concert/karaoke night right in the living room.

 Neither of you are into drawing or coloring? One can never go wrong with some good ole games with a romantic twist. Click on the App Store to be amazed at how easily it is to entertain love birds; search for ‘couple games’ and get to playing.

 When you wind up with a little less clothing, play dress up with bae’s clothes and switch roles for the rest of the day. Of course you have to set some boundaries but think about how funny and informing this can be.

 Lastly, get risky and let the world see how silly y’all are. Continuing with those swapped wardrobes, go to the mall and people watch. After laughing your face off, the food court has some moderately priced grub options to share.

 If you can’t find a way to wow your lover with this list then you should probably be single anyway. In China, Singles Day is November 11. Since you don’t have to spend money on a mate, you can save up for the whole year and actually fly to China to mingle with rest of the single people like you who can’t find love in a hopeless place.

LifehacksAsia Smith