Podcast Popping Off in STL

I’m sure by now everyone has seen or heard the word podcast before. Some people are familiar with them, and some people aren’t. To make it simple, a podcast is simply a broadcast created by everyday people like you and me. Podcasts can range in subject material anywhere from sports, news, tech, gaming, hair, you name it. There’s literally a podcast for every subject. With new podcasts popping up every day it can be difficult trying to find the right show for you, so why not start right here at home with the podcasts popping off in STL?

One of my favorite podcasts was created by none other than black twitter OG Brandon (@MypotnaB). Originally from Baton Rouge, Brandon has been in STL long enough to make himself a STL twitter legend. Using his platform, Brandon decided to create his very own podcast channel where listeners can hear his raw uncut takes on life, relationships, music, and everything in between. If you’re new to podcasts or just looking for something different, I highly recommend trying out MypotnaB’s podcast. I guarantee you will find an episode that makes you laugh, cry, or just think about life.

One of my favorite things about his podcast is how he interacts with his co-hosts with different opinions.

On almost every episode he features a variety of interesting personalities from black twitter and beyond. You can even catch me featured on a couple episodes. So, the next time you’re driving to work, on a long flight, or just chilling around the house make sure you tune in and subscribe to MypotnaB’s podcast.


Listen to Mypotnab’s Podcast be clicking the links below:





Follow Brandon on Twitter: @Mypotnab and Instagram: Mypotnab

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