10 Female Artists You Need To Be Listening To Now

Tierra Whack


Hometown: Philadelphia
After the success of her Whack World project, Tierra Whack has become one of the most interesting artist in recent memory. Her 15-minute audiovisual project was a quirky display of Tierra’s imagination and abilities to switch different styles and flows. The video that accompanies that project is the proverbial icing on top of the cake making the project an artistic masterpiece. After an amazing 2018, there's no telling what's next for Ms. Whack.

Songs to Check Out:

Summer Walker


Hometown: Atlanta

Summer Walker is a singer hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. After a successful release of her three singles entitled CPR, Session 32 and Girls Need Love, Summer gained tons of attention, leaving fans begging for more music. Her vulnerability and honest songwriting makes her one of the most intriguing singers out now.  Walker’s debut project Last Days of Summer is one of the dopest projects out right now.

Songs to Checkout:



Hometown: Los Angeles

UMI is an L.A. singer and, songwriter, who mixes elements of Lo-FI with R&B. Her cultivating lyrics, matched with her soothing vocals create a unique listening experience for her growing fan base. UMI’s music is open, honest and it shows throughout her Interlude EP.

Songs to Checkout:



Hometown: St. Louis

PinkCaravan! is a rapper based in St.Louis Missouri. Her playful, sometimes downcast lyrics over playful, childlike beats makes her stand out in a world full of people trying to fit in. Since releasing her four-song EP entitled A Very Sad Happy Birthday, Pink has landed placement on the season two soundtrack of Netflix's Dear White People and opened up for Xavier Omar on his nationwide tour. Her soft voice, rhyming ability and subtle style of delivery makes her one of the most interesting rappers in recent memory.

Songs to Checkout:



Hometown: New York

Raveena is a singer and songwriter from New York. Her music is seren and blissful. Her beautiful voice and lyrics of Self-love and women empowerment are amazing. Her Shanti EP is an amazing body of work that you should be listening to now.

Songs to Checkout:



Hometown: St.Louis

9 is a singer and songwriter that I came across and fell in love with. 9 is one of the most enjoyable voices in alternative R&B right now. Her songs are amazing. Her projects Bloom and Goodbye are projects that showcase the full range of abilities. Be sure to check those out and be on the lookout for 9 in 2019.

Songs to Checkout:

Yani Mo


Hometown: Lithonia, Georgia

Yani Mo is a rapper from Lithonia, Georgia. She is one of the most talented rappers out right now, the way she raps and structures songs is phenomenal. Her voice and message is essential to the youth right now. Her 9 Lives EP is an amazing project, and her The Moment project is amazing as well.

Songs to Checkout:

Teacup Dragun


Hometown: St. Louis

Teacup Dragun is a singer/songwriter from St.Louis. Her vocals and lyrics depicting past-heart break and experiences make her one of the most relatable singers out right now. Her songs show that our past experiences are needed to grow and learn. Her voice is beautiful and amazing. Be sure to check out her project EMOtional wHOrE to get a feel for Teacup.

Songs to Checkout:



Hometown: Boston

Haitian- American singer TeaMarr is a singer from Boston. Her raw and straightforward lyrics are the best part of her music. Along with her beautiful voice that captures and demands your attention.

Songs to Checkout:

Drea Vocalz


Hometown: St.Louis

Drea Vocalz is a true embodiment of Soul and R&B. Her beautiful, soulful vocals matched with her relatable lyrics, are what made me gravitate to her. Her project Mon. Gamy is a great way to get introduced to this beautiful songstress.

Songs to Checkout: