A Sit Down with Pinkcaravan!

Photo cred: Trina Rager

Photo cred: Trina Rager

I recently got to sit down with Pinkcaravan! to discuss her new project 2002.  We discussed a wide range of topics.  Sit down and get to know more about Pinkcaravan! and be sure to check out here newest project 2002! Out Now!

Photo Cred: @PaulMidzy

Photo Cred: @PaulMidzy

Hey JSMN hows it going?

Good, Good.

So you finally have another project dropping hows it feel?

It feels good, I haven't dropped music in a while, the last song I dropped was Pop, Lock, and Lemon drops so I haven't dropped a lot of music period.

Where's your headspace at with this new project, Happier, Sadder?

So like the music is happier but it’s still pretty dark.  I feel like everyone goes through darkness. But, you know?

Who are some of the people you got to work with for this project?

Five tracks are produced by Namesake. That's my right-hand man.  I have a track produced by NIyah and a track produced by Yasu

How did you meet Namesake?

I met him through a friend, Theepharoah.  I was looking for somebody to produce my project, and Pharoah was like Namesake has some good stuff.  I reached out and he sent me some stuff back pretty fast and just went from there.


Left to right: Pink Caravan! & Namesake

Left to right: Pink Caravan! & Namesake

You don’t work with a lot of artist, is there a reason behind that?

No, I just haven't done it yet.  I'm still working on my own stuff.  I don’t want jump into anything until I have my sound down.

How has your life changed from A Very Sad Happy Birthday until now?

So like my artistry has grown a lot, and I’m a better performer and I’m evolving.  The way my songs are structured is different. I'm not trying to stick to one sound. I'm always trying to get better.

What's up with your affinity with Llamas?

Llamas are love.

Pinkcaravan! Pictured with a llama at VIBESSTL ‘17  Photo Credit: @PaulMidzy

Pinkcaravan! Pictured with a llama at VIBESSTL ‘17 Photo Credit: @PaulMidzy

What's up with 2002? Like why that year specifically?

A lot of my influences are from the early 2000s, like Still Fly by Big Tymers came out in 2002 and Jenny from the Block by JLO came out in 2002. I feel like a lot of cool stuff came out around that time.

What were you listening to during the creation of this project, are you one of those artists that only listen to yourself?

No, I do the opposite. I try not to listen to myself, It's not hard.  But Missy Elliot, TLC, Ashanti, and just all the older vibes.

So do we hear a lot of early thousand influences on your project?

A lot of the references I make in the lyrics, like Yo-Yo’s Bebe kids and things like that

What’s next for you after this project?

Shooting videos for it, and I’m just trying to get up there and trying to get on.

How do your parents feel about the project? Have they heard it?

My Moms heard the project and My best friends have heard the project.

What did they think?

They love it they think it’s my best work, and I feel like that too! (haha).

Are you dropping more music in 2019?

Yeah, that's the plan, I’m planning an album.

How long were you in college before you dropped out?

I was in school for two years, I felt like wasn’t learning anything and I was paying too much and I  was just going through a crisis.  I didn’t drop out because of rap though.

What was your Major?

Film. I was at Webster University,  that's where I met Paul, in film class.

What are your goals as an artist?

Keep releasing great music and outdo myself every time.

You are a full-time artist so what is your advice to anyone trying to do this?

Stay Motivated.  It is so hard to stay motivated, make a routine of your day.  It’s hard to stay motivated if you don’t have a routine and not having a routine makes it hard to fall off.

Any Shoutouts?

Shoutout to everyone doing they thing.  Shoutout Namesake, NiYah, Yasu, Bryan he mixed and mastered it, Trina, Paul, Preach and yeah...

Thanks PinkCaravan!  Be sure to checkout 2002, Out Now!

Nick Edmond