INTERVIEW: LandoNoPretendo talks STL Influence, Upcoming tour and more

St. Louis rapper, Lando “No Pretendo”  vows to “f*ck the city up” as he consistently drops new visuals and songs to gain a buzz. He recently released his first debut single, “Left Side” featuring Junior and it has been taking over the airwaves.

Repping the 314, Lando has become an intrinsic voice of the Westside streets. The support from his local fanbase peaked during college. Last October, Lando rocked the stage at Lincoln University’s homecoming as hundreds of his peers screamed his lyrics to “Ion Want Her”. Now months later Lando is set to go on his first tour across America with one of Roc Nation's artist.

For our latest Rare Radar Interview, the team chopped it up with Lando as he discussed how he is prepping for his first tour, upcoming music, his STL influence, and much more. Take a look!

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