Stream: Jordan Caesar - Death To Reputation


Chicago emcee Jordan Caesar recently released his sophomore EP entitled “Death To Reputation”. Jordan Caesar’s ability to tap into a number of styles and cover a number of topics with supreme execution makes this project a must listen.

“Death To Reputation” starts off with Caesar introducing himself and establishing his presence as a talent. Tracks like “Wrath Of Caesar” is guaranteed to have your head nodding while Caesar cuts through the beat like paper. Later on in the album, tracks like “Fall Down” has Caesar wide open revealing his experiences and mistakes. Jordan Caesar may come off as confident, but he levels with the listener exposing his faults.

Caesar is the type of emcee that'll snatch the mic from you, tell a story from his past, then smash the show with something to move your hips to. “Death To Reputation” is an incredible record, that everyone needs to hear.

Stream the full project below:

Jordan sat down with our friends over at Dead End Hip Hop for an exclusive interview. Check it out here