Weezy Wednesday: Lil Wayne Essentials


  It takes major confidence to claim you’re the best at something. One literally has to outwork every contender in the field & have the accolades to back up the success. If a track star says she’s the best in the world, we can easily accept or negate her claims by counting the 1st place medals & records broken.
   But, when a rapper claims to be the best how do we accept or negate his claim? It’s not as easy to count the awards & records because in today’s society, award shows are rigged & everyone is biased.
   In 2008, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. aka Lil Wayne made one of the most controversial statements with his song simply titled ‘Best Rapper Alive.’ He had 16 years of experience at that point with his first recording for Cash Money Records being ‘True Stories’ at the age 11. In those 16 years, Wayne released over 7 albums & countless mixtapes and features. He gained a super diverse fan base all over the world by collaborating with artists from almost every music genre there is.
   Your fav could never! Imagine how all the other rappers felt in 2008 when Weezy took the title of being the best! Who cares, check out this Apple Music playlist and tell us what you think. Is Tunechi the G.O.A.T.?

Use the tag #CVFree in honor of the recent news of Lil Wayne being cleared to finally release the long-awaited 5th installment of The Carter albums.  

Stream our #WeezyWednesday Playlist below: