Stream: Daylight Tone Welcomes Us Into The Light With "What Would Daylight Do" EP

Daylight Tone returns to shine with his radiant new EP titled “What Would Daylight Do”. WWDD is a 4 track audio experience that dives through 4 vivid dreams the Chicago Native has prior to waking up stranded in the desert. Looking for his way home, Tracks like “WYA” and “WAY UP” boasts his lyrical talent and energy while “Damn” and "Do Dat”  calls for a smooth conclusion before waking up. Executive produced by Glass Tree Creative’s own Banks The Genius, this rapper and producer combination has developed a promising new ecosystem that has yet been explored by the masses of hiphop. From wanting substantial financial gain in a dog eat dog industry to the consequences of constantly working and being trapped inside his mind, this project is a unique self assessment of artistic growth. 

Though being on slight hiatus since the release of his first project in mid January, its clearly apparent the 26 year old artist has been busy working on his craft more than anything else.

Stream the full project below: 

Asia Mobley