Stream: Priest Clay - The Purple Tape

priest clay.jpg

South Carolina’s Priest Clay mentioned in an interview with Dead End Hip Hop that he’s an old soul. That old soul shines through in his latest release “The Purple Tape” in numerous ways. From Priest Clay’s grainy, black and white videos to his razor sharp lyricism and storytelling, “The Purple Tape” is a practice in what makes hip-hop so raw and rugged.

Don’t get it twisted though, Priest Clay knows how to turn a party with tracks like “All Nighters”. However when you’re done listening to “The Purple Tape” Priest Clay wants you to feel a motivation and ability to go get what you want. It’s clear through the entirety of “The Purple Tape” that Priest Clay has struggled to get to this point. “The Purple Tape” is a compilation of tracks previewing what the future holds, while being cohesive enough to give you a message and motivation to walk away with.

Stream the full project below: