Juneteenth Essentials Playlist

For over 150 years, African-Americans have gathered on June 19 — the day known as Juneteenth — to celebrate freedom. The holiday is rooted in Texas, signifying the day in 1865 when, more than two years after Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, a Union general who had made his way to Galveston delivered the news that slavery had been abolished.

Juneteenth has become a popular time for family reunions and gatherings. As with most social events, food takes center stage. Juneteenth is often commemorated by barbecues and the traditional drink - Strawberry Soda - and dessert - Strawberry Pie. Other red foods such as red rice (rice with tomatoes), watermelon and red velvet cake are also popular. Some have linked the color red as symbolism of the blood shed throughout the institution of slavery.

Even in 2018, as we fight against the seeming open season on our men and women, African-Americans are resisting stronger than ever. Through collective efforts including the #BuyBlack initiative, #BlackBanking, #BlackLivesMatter and countless others, Black people have taken their lives and communities back into our own hands. 

So whether you're kicking it at a cookout or if you're celebrating at home; Rare Radar curated a Juneteenth playlist to jam too that's the perfect balance between rightousness and ratchetness! 

Listen below: