Stream: Sebastian Kamae - Waves

Netherlands-based producer Sebastian Kamae recently released his debut EP entitled Waves. Kamae got his start in music at the tender age of five years old, when he went to his first music lessons. He quickly discovered his love for the piano and in high school he started making his own beats. While developing his producer skills, he played the keys for several bands. After living in Zeeland for 17 years, Kamae moved to Enschede to study MediaMusic at ArtEZ, where he is developed his production and engineering skills.

The project is made up with 10 songs including 3 instrumental tracks and 7 track with vocals from artists hailing from Chicago, Toronto and the Netherlands. A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of sharing his single, Precious featuring Ajani Jones, Shao Dojo and King Khamen. 

Listen to the full project below: