Stream: Queen Naija - Karma

Youtube sensation turned R&B crooner Queen Naija just released her highly anticipated single, Karma

Earlier this month, our editor Asia got the chance to chat with Queen during her meet and greet in St. Louis. When asked what are three things you've learned about yourself during this journey, Queen said the followiing: 

I’m not a morning person. I can’t stand waking up in the morning.”
”I’m really strong! I used to think that I wasn’t, but I handle a lot and I wear a lot of different hats and I wear it well.
”Everything that may seem like it’s for the bad will turn out for the good. Sometimes you go through things and you don’t know why you’re going through it at the moment but later on you’re realize like dang that was good for me, because we go through things for a reason.

Queen's rise to fame has been an emotional rollercoaster, as her divorce played out in front of millions of her fans. Instead of being down about the situation she turned her heartbreak into a hit. Her debut single, Medicine hit the Hot 100 chart at #45. 

Since then, Queen has been keeping busy in the studio and traveling across the country to meet her ride or die fans. We are excited to see how things pan out for her in the future. 

Listen to  Karma below: