Stream: When Gawd Ready by K.L.U.B. Monsta


With their new album being hailed as a breath of fresh air, Birmingham’s K.L.U.B. Monsta is being touted as one of the most promising rap groups currently. After a brief hiatus, K.L.U.B. Monsta has resurfaced with a new album When Gawd Ready.

Primarily produced by Luke S. Crowder, Rafael Andres and fellow longtime collaborator Brian B-flat Cook, the three executive producers developed a focused cohesion of records which explore the darker introspective side of the rap trio as they spit their views on despair, drugs, crime, religion, and social injustices.

This album gives an intimate view of the city of Birmingham and the group's life perspectives. When Gawd Ready summons classic feelings of southern rap royalty -- such as The Dungeon Family, Goodie Mob, and Scarface. Other contributions on the album include vocals by rising Birmingham songstress Love Moor on “Know Your Fate", California’s future beat artist Maesu on “DMC-12”, and standout artists Jenesis Write on the thought-provoking track “Ain’t Sanctified”. The album concludes with the talented JazzMine Garfield on the chill vibe of “Days Are Shorter”.

Listeners will find When Gawd Ready a cohesive body of work that highlights K.L.U.B. Monsta’s growth. Will the album put this rather unknown collective on the forefront of hip hop’s map? Only time will tell.

Stream the full project below: