Meet KVTheWriter, The Multi-Hybrid Creative Making A Mark On Her Own Terms

A Konvo With KV

St. Louis native Kayla “KVTheWriter” Thompson is what you could call a jack of all trades. As an author, artist, influencer, and educator one can only imagine how she balances it all. Even though KV makes it look easy, she is currently on a quest to master the art of love.

I recently got the opportunity to chat with her about different challenges she face as a creative, updates on the Finesse Center and the process of creating the Love Sucks series. Check out the full interview below:

At what age did you tap into your creative endeavors?

I started writing in grade school. I remember in 4th grade I used to write and illustrate comic books and sell them to my classmates for 25 cents. I used to ghostwrite my little brother's raps for his freestyle battles in middle school. I even used to write essay papers for my dad and big brother when they were in college. I've been in love with reading and writing since I can remember.

Who are 3 people that inspires you? 

My first 2 biggest influences are my brother and dad. My dad used to draw and was really talented in just about everything. He was the definition of a renaissance man. He inspired me to be and do whatever I wanted in life. My brother was inspiring because he had that creative tunnel vision. Nothing, and I mean nothing, was going to stop him from being a full-time artist. His determination to stick to his dream is what got me to finally follow my own. My 3rd biggest influence would have to be all of my friends. It's too many to name, but I am constantly surrounded by go-getters, hustlers, and lane carvers. I love my friends.  

As a multi-talented creative, what has been your biggest challenge thus far? 

My biggest challenge has been focusing on one project at a time. I write poetry, I'm a songwriter, I write articles, and I even write novels. I've learned to tackle projects in seasons. I'll take a couple months to really focus on one project. I'll still be working on the other projects at the same time, but they won't get 100% effort as the one I'm focusing on.  

Photo Credit: Bino Photography

Photo Credit: Bino Photography

Walk us through the process of creating the “Love Sucks” project/rollout. (It’s amazing btw)

Thank you! I created the music for Love Sucks! first. It all kind of came together after I got broken up with at an ice cream shop and made a song about it. After that, I started writing other songs and pulling old songs together to create a cohesive project. At first I struggled with deciding how I would present my music to the world. No one really knew I could write music and I didn't want it to get overlooked because of that. I decided to use what I am known for (writing) and using that to present the music. I wrote the blog posts after that, created visuals, and started the process. The rollout has enough pieces for me to release something every week leading up to my show. 

You come from a very talented family full of well-known entrepreneurs and creatives. What is one of the biggest lessons/skill sets you learned from your brother?

If my brother taught me anything at all it is to make a way out of no way. When we lost our dad we went through a hard time trying to adjust to life again. My brother didn't want to do anything but create, and he was determined to make that happen for himself no matter the circumstances. He taught me to make a way, even when there seems like there is none. 

KV pictured with her late brother Rell Finesse, via Facebook

KV pictured with her late brother Rell Finesse, via Facebook

Will you ever reopen the Finesse Center. If so, what would you do differently?

The first thing I'm doing after I secure a significant bag is reopening the Finesse Center! I didn't have enough business to keep the doors open, but the Center is a living memorial for my bro, so I'm going to figure it out one way or another. I want it to be even bigger than before. I really believe I can make it happen.  

How did your relationship issues help you gain self love? 

My relationship issues made me realize that I don't need anyone to make me happy if I'm happy with myself. I know now that a lot of my issues with relationships came from a place of grieving and just wanting someone there. I didn't necessarily want to be with anyone, I just didn't want to be alone. Coming to that realization helped me understand that self-love for me was to grieve properly. To let myself feel sadness and hurt. I'm so used to needing to be strong, that I hurt myself trying to hold everything in. Self-love is also vulnerability. 

Photo Credit: Bino Photography

Photo Credit: Bino Photography

What does self love/care look like to you? 

Self love/care for me is going to therapy. Taking naps. Walking in the grass with my shoes off. Eating good food and taking fire naps. Lots of vacations and meeting new people. And most importantly, living your most honest truth and being your most honest self.

You’ve often said that the dating as a millennial sucks, what does the perfect date look like to you? 

I'm trying to get flewed out LOL.

via tenor

via tenor

No really, I love traveling and seeing new places, going to concerts, and eating good food. The perfect date would be going somewhere I have never been and doing something I've never done. Laughing is also a requirement. If you not flaming df out of me and making me laugh the whole time we can't have a good time. 

What is your ultimate goal? 

I am going to be the biggest song-writer to come out of this city. I am going to write an urban fantasy novel that will be a best-seller AND adapted to a movie. My poetry is going to be featured in future albums from my favorite artists. I am going to gain immeasurable wealth and redistribute that wealth so that no one in my city will ever have starve again. (My daily mantra).

What can we expect at the ‘Love Sucks’ event? 

You can expect to jam at my show! My birthday is the day after, and I'm really just excited to turn up and showcase what I've been working on for the past couple of months. I'm going to be selling Love Sucks! merch, my book "Of Magic and Madness," have giveaways, and I'll have a surprise at midnight. 

The Love Sucks event will be held on April 30th at The Monocle. The show will feature live performances by KV, Asa, Be.Be and Blair TM. For ticket information click here.


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