Kionna Alexis Talks Writing Poetry As a Form of Therapy & Being Transparent in Her Writing


Meet Kionna Alexis

Poet | Author | Entrepreneur

April is National Poetry Month and it was inaugurated in 1996. With that, literacy is celebrated all over the world. Poetry is defined as “the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive styles—a quality of beauty and intensity of emotion .” Kionna Alexis is a mother, poet, a published one at that, and she’s used writing and poetry to write about her past experiences. Check out the interview below.

How did you get into writing poetry?

Kionna: I fell in love with the idea that words could rhyme when I was in Kindergarten. I remember being in the 2nd grade and my teacher read a poem to the class from "Falling Up" by Shel Silverstein and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was fascinated by the way it made me feel, it was similar to music. My mother noticed my love for poetry early and bought me lots of children's poetry books which inspired me to begin writing. I started writing poetry at 9 years old.

via FB page

via FB page

What all do you like to write about?

Kionna: I typically write about my personal life experiences or emotional feelings. 

Is it hard writing about your personal experiences and being transparent?

Kionna: It's not hard for me because most of the time, my poetry is created through journaling. My journal is made for my eyes only, so I can write and write without the thought of someone else reading it. It's a method of therapy for me to put it onto paper and clear it from my mind. I have grown to learn to share such poems with the world by using it as a tool to help others. Understanding that’s someone else has most likely experienced the same thing, allows me to use my personal experiences to encourage them. 

With the writing about your past experiences is it therapeutic for you to put it into a poetry format?

Kionna: Very! It's such a sense of relief when it goes onto paper. It's like you're transferring that energy from your mind and clearing your thoughts. For me, that is extremely therapeutic because I can have a million things on my mind at once. 

Have you thought about turning your poetry into songwriting?

Kionna: I actually used to write songs. I still have a notebook full of songs. I love music just as much as I love poetry. They go hand in hand.

You already have a published poetry book, will you be writing another one?

Kionna: For now, I don't plan on writing another poetry book. At least not in the format with a compilation of poems. 

via fb page

via fb page

How far do you want to take your writing?

Kionna: I have recently begun taking on the challenge of writing a novel. I see myself publishing a lot of novels and self-help books. 

How does it feel to have a month dedicated to something that you are a professional in?

Kionna: I love it!! Poetry is love to me. Even when I'm not the artist, I love to get lost in poetry. So a month dedicated to something I love AND I'm professional in - DELIGHTED.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

Kionna: I am currently working on a book titled "A Poetic Love Story". It is a non-fictional novel with a poetic vibe to it. It will showcase real life events that evolve around my personal love life. I am also working on an affirmations Journal/Devotional.

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