In Case You Missed It: New Music This Week


Summer and warm weather is finally here! With Twitter claiming this summer will match Summer 16’s wild energy, the search for a summer anthem is on. Whether you need music to get your girls lit before ladies night, or to get the vibes right for a chill kickback, this past week has shown us nothing but talent from new artists- and of course, some familiar names.

Megan Thee Stallion- Fever

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Our fave hottie from Houston finally dropped her debut album, Fever. The 14-track album is a testament to sex and female dominance, with the Houston rapper spitting about getting head and not giving a damn about being polite. If you haven’t caught on yet, Megan Thee Stallion is freaky- but on her own terms. In fact, her album cover is a nod to Pam Grier’s sexually dominant characters from the Blaxploitation era, AKA she’s the pimp in charge, and we’re all just here for the ride. While she is still exploring her sound (it’s a different direction production wise from her previous mixtapes), it’s a journey worth being part of. 

Listen to: “Simon Says” ft. Juicy J

“Running up Freestyle”

“Cash Sh*t” ft. Da Baby

“Money Good”


DJ Khaled- Father of Asahd

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

“If they love me or they hate me, it don’t make no difference” raps Cardi B on the DJ Khaled track “Wish Wish”, and she’s right. Whether or not you love DJ Khaled’s antics on social media, his ability to create star studded tracks has solidified his place on the charts. While the album overall is messy and some collaborations fall flat (“Wish Wish” had a weak verse from Cardi, and “Holy Mountain” was…interesting), the album showed hints of greatness. Nipsey Hussle’s song “Higher” is a beautiful but bittersweet tale of trying to turn a life of crime and violence around. Meek Mill’s softer side peeks out and shines in the relationship song guaranteed to keep you in your bag, “You Stay”, with Lil Baby, Jeremih and J Balvin. So, sadly, no “Wild Thoughts” for Summer 19.


Listen to: “Higher” ft. Nipsey Hussle, John legend

“You Stay” ft. Meek Mill, Lil Baby, J Balvin, Jeremih

“Whether the Storm” ft. Meek Mill, Lil Baby

“Top Off” ft. Jay Z, Future, Beyonce


Kota The Friend- Foto

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Brooklyn-native rapper Kota The Friend has avoided getting signed by a label, and what a gift that is because his debut Foto is just beautiful. The independent artist takes listeners through an audio journey of becoming free, mastering one’s art, love and more through a production so jazzy and mellow. Foto is one smooth ensemble about being an underdog. And man, do we love an underdog.

Listen to: “Church”

“Birdie” ft. Hello Oshay


“Solar Return” ft. Saba



Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

 YG is back with DJ Mustard, and is unapologetically claiming the throne for West Coast rap. With a production that sounds like early West Coast ala Snoop Dogg style, YG takes a couple risks here to shake up his usual in-your-face type of flow. He also has some great collaborations - “Go Loko” with Tyga and Jon Z is fun and very unexpected, with Spanish influenced instrumentals that give a nod to the Latino community of Southern California.

Source: Instagram  Pictured: Tyga, YG and Jon Z

Source: Instagram

Pictured: Tyga, YG and Jon Z

 4REAL 4REAL YG hasn’t completely strayed from his roots though- he still raps about hoes, beating up snitches and getting money. However, you can tell the death of his close friend and mentor, Nipsey Hussle, has inspired him to take a step back and think of the bigger picture. More meaningful tracks like “Heart 2 Heart” show that YG isn’t all just about bragging and fighting.


Listen to:

“Bottle Service'“

“Go Loko”- ft. Tyga, Jon Z

“Heart 2 Heart” ft. Meek Mill, Arin Ray & Rose Gold

“Do Not Disturb” ft. Kamaiyah & G-Eazy

“Her Story” ft. Day Sula