KVTheWriter Unleashes Her Inner Hot Girl Swag With “The Ratchet Tapes”

As declared by our fave H-Town hottie Megan Thee Stallion, it’s officially a #HotGirlSummer. It’s been several debates about what being a hot girl actually means, but Meg cleared the air and let it be known that a hot girl is simply someone who is living their best life, unapologetically! 

When you think of someone who is breaking the standard unapologetically, KVTheWriter definitely comes to mind. The St. Louis native gained notoriety in the music scene after releasing her debut album entitled Love Sucks in April. The album stemmed from KV being dumped in an ice cream shop. Rather than being sad about the situation, she got her sexy back, and now she’s back with another project entitled “The Ratchet Tapes.”

Photo by: Jessica Page

Photo by: Jessica Page

“ The Ratchet Tapes“ is a complete 180 compared to “Love Sucks”. The set consist of 5 tracks with production handled by Blair The Machine and JackPot. We had the honor of chatting with her again to discuss her creative process, her favorite track and more. Check the full interview out below: 

This project is immensely different from your last project.  What caused this?

This project has been in the works since before the drop of Love Sucks! I performed BAN as the encore song at my Love Sucks! concert in April. I wanted to show the world that I am not just an artist or rapper, but really a songwriter at my core. I wanted to show my versatility and ability to change flows and style, while still being true to my own sound. This project is meant to not only show the range in my writing and rapping style, but also the range of my Producer, Blair. He produced 4 of the songs on the Ratchet Tape and all of the songs on Love Sucks! If you listen to both projects, you’ll hear how vastly different the production is from each other. That’s a testament to Blair’s skill in producing. From jazzy laid back sounds to ass-shaking music. Dude can do it all. 

Were the changes from these projects caused by something that happened in real life or do you draw inspiration from others?

A little bit of both. Besides songwriting I’m also an author. When I write fiction I draw inspiration from situations in my real life, as well as made up experiences based on what I’ve seen happen to others. I will say I’m not as savage as I portrayed myself to be in this project. I’m just world building. You’ll understand when I’m finished writing the whole story.

What was the recording process like for this project?  

You know how in Insecure Issa raps in the mirror reciting angry bars? That is literally me. I’m building an entire world on the concept of love. I want to show the process of getting your heartbroken from one woman’s perspective. Think of it like a RomCom film. Love Sucks! was that part of the movie where the woman is out being great, living her life, and minding her business when some ass comes in her life and breaks her heart. The Ratchet Tape is when she turns that hurt into bad bitch energy. And like we see in these movies, sometimes that “bad bitch” energy is just plain bad energy. In the end, everything in her story from the heartbreak to breaking hearts is important to the larger story. 

Did you plan this project out or did it just happen spontaneously?

The project was definitely planned. It was always my intention to release a ratchet version of Love Sucks! The project was actually pretty much finished besides mixing and rerecording some verses when I dropped Love Sucks! I wanted the project to just be 3 songs because I didn’t want the Ratchet Tape to be the music that is closely associated with my sound as an artist. I have a feeling this project is going to go farther than Love Sucks! and I don’t want to get pigeonholed and expected to make just this one type of music. After listening to my entire catalogue of music I realized I can’t be pigeonholed and all of these sounds are me so if someone decides to say “KV makes ratchet music” or “KV makes love songs” both would be right. We decided to do 5 songs instead of 3. Those songs were actually both Girls Gone Wild. I’m happy with the end result of the project now. Things happen for a reason. 

Photo by: Jessica Page

Photo by: Jessica Page

Did your background as an author/writer/blogger make the transition to music easy, or harder?

I’ve been a songwriter for as long as I’ve been an author, if not longer. I still have a bunch of my rap books from middle school in my closet. I’ll say writing is just a big part of me. I’ve always been a daydreamer and loved putting my thoughts to paper. Songwriting is just storytelling in music form. 

What is your favorite track on The Rachet Tapes, and what was your favorite track on LOVE SUCKS? Least Favorites?

I wouldn’t say I have a least favorite for either project but I definitely have some that came to be on the project in uncanny ways. For Love Sucks! it was Snow Factory. Snow Factory was a real story and was really just a song I made because I was in my feelings. My Producer, Blair ™, kept telling me it was too good to just hide on a harddrive, and eventually I gave in and we ended up creating the concept of Love Sucks! on that one song. 

For the Ratchet Tapes Girls Gone Wild 1 was never meant to be on the project. I made that song as a demo to shop around, and once again, my producer felt it was too good and fit the concept of the project as a whole. We ended up adding it and making Girls Gone Wild 2 and adding that one as well. 

For the Ratchet Tape my favorite song is definitely Girls Gone Wild Part Two. I made this song like 2 hours before I had to catch a flight back to Atlanta after coming in town to do a photoshoot for the project. I was in the studio just talking and creating with Blair when he was like “name an old twerk song.” For some reason “Salt Shaker” by the Ying Yang Twins came to my mind before anything else. He started recreating the beat and I started making a melody. The melody and words came to me pretty fast, and we ended up having the beat made and having the song recorded in like 1 or 2 hours before I left for the airport. It had the theme of “Girls Gone Wild” so we added it to the project. That song gets me so hype. I love it.  For Love Sucks! I love all of my songs. That’s my debut project so every song is like my baby.

Who were some of your inspirations when you were making this projects?

While making this project I really thought to myself “Love Sucks!, but make it ratchet.” This project is a flip on Love Sucks! It’s more like f*ck love. 

What do you have in store for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

Keep looking out for more music by me before the year ends. I’m not finished yet.

Be sure to listen to The Rachet Tapes below.

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