The Princess of R&B: Top Ten Aaliyah Songs

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

August 25, 2019 made 18 years since the world lost r&b singer, actress and model, Aaliyah Dana Haughton, who was well on her way to becoming one of the most influential artists in the game. Tragedy struck the then 22-year-old when she and eight members of her video crew died in a plane crash leaving the Bahamas just days ago filming “Rock the Boat”, which was her final video appearance. She also starred in the horror film, Queen of the Damned. It released a year after her death and was her last film feature.

Before her untimely death, Aaliyah was in the process of becoming one of the biggest names in music. Prior to her self-titled third album, Aaliyah, she already had two chart-topping albums, Age Ain’t Nothing but A Number and One in A Million. She starred in a lead role alongside veteran actor Jet Li and rapper DMX in Romeo Must Die. In her short-lived career, she racked up numerous award nominations from The Grammy’s, The American Music Awards and more.

Affectionately known worldwide as the “The Princess of R&B,” and ‘Baby Girl’ cause of her sweet Girl-Next-Door demeanor, Aaliyah was a young star on the peak of success and well on her way to becoming a successful household name in domestic and international acclaim.

Outside of the music, she was loved by many for her soft-spoken humble personality and her ability to provoke sexiness without looking overtly raunchy. She was known for wearing mainly baggy clothes and staying true to a tomboy chic aesthetic. But once the rollout for her final album came out, she showed a side that was much different from her previous projects. She ditched the baggy clothes and began to show more skin. She showed an even sexier side, but she kept it classy and mature.

Although Aaliyah’s career was just in the beginning before she died, her legacy is still respected and influenced 18 years later. From the early 2000s to now, you can find many artists’ influences from Aaliyah in their fashion and music. Artists such as Chris Brown, Drake, Tink and even J. Cole found ways to honor Aaliyah through sampling her in their music. Many stars don’t even accomplish half of what Aaliyah achieved in front of the world. It’s evident that if she was alive today, she would be in a league among other big names stars that many loves and adore as the whole package.

Aaliyah left a lasting impression in music and her work will continue to be influenced for generations and generations to come. To celebrate Aaliyah’s life and legacy, I created a list of the top ten Aaliyah’s songs.

  1. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

2. At Your Best (You Are Love)

3. One In A Million

4. Four Page Letter

5. The One I Gave My Heart To

6. We Need A Resolution

7. More Than A Woman

8. Rock the Boat

9. I Care 4 U

10. Try Again