Brock Seals Talks Art, Music and His Inspirations

An artist in many forms, Brock Seals is inspired by people and things surrounding him. Brock’s made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, meeting the late great Nipsey Hussle and giving him one of his paintings and even connecting with St. Louis Cardinals Player Harrison Bader by customizing his cleats. Brock .

Brock say his first love was music then art came later. With art comes inspirations, Brock says “I’m inspired by everything around me. I feel my art is just a reflection of everything that I go thru. My art=My Life.”


Kehinde Wiley, KAWS, Kara Walker, Kerry James Marshall, Nick Cave are a few people that has made an impact on his journey while pursuing being a creative. His musical influences are: Kanye West, 70s Soul Music, mixtape Weezy (Wayne)

Being from St. Louis, some find it hard to see the beauty in things but Seals sees its rich history. He says that Stl is a resilient city his art represents triumph & overcoming obstacles!  With that vision and motivation he was inspired by creating Art, Mimosas and Pancakes concept. The STL native took three things that I liked and combined it into an event.


Besides making art, in music form and paint form, Brock says he also wants to build an amusement park, dress up in an Elmo suit, hit the Dougie, all while being at his nephew’s party (lol). Joking or not, that sounds entertaining AF! He also says when the time is right, he’ll be designing clothes.


Just last year, Brock created a piece of art with the late great Nipsey Hussle on it and was granted the opportunity to to give it to him. Brock says “He was super humble and welcoming, definitely a standup guy. I know that God put us on each other’s path for a reason. “


The advice Brock gives to other artists is

“Be relentless, work everyday and enjoy what you’re doing. Follow the beat to your own drum! “


Brock wants to share knowledge that’s been passed along to him. He also wants to inspire people and want people to dance and try things they wouldn’t normally do.

“Live life to the fullest, Skiiiyeeeeeeee!”

Danii Gold