Going Nowhere: An interview With The NoWhere Collective Where We Discuss Their Creative Process and More

Nowhere is a collective of St. Louis based artist that merged together after a successful performance in 2018. The crew consists of rappers Sir Eddie C, Zado, singer Teacup Dragun and videographer Malik Carter.  Nowhere’s eccentric visuals and sense of fashion matched with their affinity for making great music makes them ones to watch in the STL music scene and nationwide. The four individuals are well-known for their independent efforts, so with their forthcoming album entitled yelloW on the horizon, they are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

We recently had the opportunity to speak to them about how traveling effected their creative process, collaborations and more. Check out the full interview below: 

Photo cried: EchoJam

Photo cried: EchoJam

What’s up guys great to hear from you all again, let’s get right to it, when did you all first come together?

Eddie: It came together originally from a show we did called Going Nowhere It was hard. This was before Nowhere was a thing and we did that show and it was successful. We were like we should do a group together. We kept it going and branded it officially as Nowhere.

What is your creative process like?

Teacup: Eddie and Zado will be working at crazy hours and next then I know I have a song to write to, or I’ll send them something and next thing I know Eddie will scream out LETS GOOOOO. But we’re always working on something.

When did the concept of this project come to fruition?

Teacup: It was something that needed to be done, and things came together at the right time

Eddie: We had been together for a while, Dragun had been added for almost a year now. This is going to be different because Zado and I have songs together but now another person is added and people have seen us all together and they know were a collective but we did’nt have any songs so it was time to change that. They see us together but haven’t heard all three of us together.

What producers are on it?

Eddie: The whole project is produced by Akeda Keyz.

Where do you guys come up with the concepts with your videos

Zado: It’s just about being dope and different but making it simple as possible and not over-complicating thing, and always incorporating some sort of yellow in there.

Eddie: We just come up with concepts and I think about how I want things to look, and colors we want to do and what will stick out visually.

Where are you guys going with this project?

Zado: It’s going to be ratchet, it’s going to be dark, there is going to be a lot of sounds that you haven’t heard from us before. We wanted to make a fun project, but something that incorporated all of our personalities

Eddie: We can perform this whole project top to bottom, we didn’t just want to have a bar fest and fuck up the vibe. We wanted to provide sounds that you can drive around and vibe to and cool out to.

You guys have been doing a lot of traveling have these experiences affected your creative process in any way?

Teacup: Of Course! Anything in our everyday life has affected the music in some way. From me suffering from depression, its all in there. We put everything in there, we put it all in there so everyone could get a sense of who we are individually and as a whole.

Eddie: Me and Zado came back from L.A lit so you’ll definitely hear that on the project.

Zado: I came back from L.A. and everything changed, from the way I approach verses and cadences and hooks is different. You’ll hear a lot of that on the project.

Does working in a tight knit group makes things easier when working on a project?

Zado: I think so, we don’t have a lot of different input to work out, we’re all pretty like-minded, we move like a well-oiled machine. We don’t have a lot of dispute over anything going on.

Eddie: It’s just one of things were we wanted to work with more producers, but that is a lot of extra shit to do. A lot of the beats on there he made specifically for us, it was a different experience, I had never recorded like that before. I feel like its dope because it makes my pen better.

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Be on the lookout for their new project yelloW coming soon. Check out some of their previous work below and be ready for new music!

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